Call for Papers

Proposals for scholarly papers, creative writing presentations, and panels are sought for the sixth in a series of conferences on Mennonite writing in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. The conference will both celebrate and examine this rapidly developing literature across borders on the North American continent and as it is developing world wide. Papers that address the relationship of the artist and communities—solos and harmonies—in ethical and aesthetic dimensions, are particularly welcome. Suggestions include:

• Innovative approaches to individual authors and texts
• Mennonite literature in cultural and theoretical context
• Post-ethnic Mennonite literature
• Dialogues across borders and boundaries
• The artist and communities of affirmation and dissent
• Writing workshops, writing groups, and virtual networks
• Writing Pedagogy and Process
• Teaching Mennonite Writing
• Publishing
• Mennonite Humor
• Literature and Theology
• Creative Nonfiction and Mennonite themes
• Interpreting and Representing Plain Traditions
• Popular literature and Mennonite/Amish Identity
• The Mennonite Oral Tradition
• Songwriting, hymns, and the relationship between music and literature
• The influence of Mennonite hymns on literary genres
• Folk arts and folk culture in Mennonite literature
• The virtual community of Mennonite literary studies
• Creative writing
• Student Work, both creative and critical

Critical proposals should include a 250-word abstract and an author bio; scholars are encouraged to also include a bibliography of sources likely to be consulted. Creative proposals should be accompanied by a brief writing sample (3-4 poems or one story/essay) and a selective list of publications in addition to a bio.

Electronic submissions preferred. Submit proposals through our electronic submission system by November 1.

Papers and creative work read at the conference will be considered for publication in Mennonite Quarterly Review, Conrad Grebel Review, and the The Journal of the Center for Mennonite Writing.