Hillary Nelson


Office Location: n/a

Adjunct Faculty

EMU at Lancaster

“When teaching Art History, I still try to keep in mind the elements that made it such a fascinating study as a student. While the subject matter itself is sometimes enough to intrigue the average student, I have found that the class takes on an even more adventuresome quality when it is infused with my own genuine enthusiasm and interest.

Perhaps nothing reinforces this enthusiasm and engages the student’s attention better than personal stories regarding some of the works being discussed. Since I have traveled extensively (and continue to do so) and viewed many masterworks first hand, I have a plentiful source of these intimate tales. Humorous stories and various anecdotes from Art History and personal life have also proved to be most helpful in the transfer of knowledge within the classroom. This, of course, does not mean that my classes are strictly for amusement. Students are well aware of how thorough my classes can be and how demanding their coursework requirements are. Art History is indeed a complex study, which requires discussions that deal with much more than merely technique and style."

Hillary Nelson is a graduate of Penn State University where he received a BA and MA in Art History. In addition to his classes at EMU, he has taught courses in Art History, Integrative Arts, and Interior Design at Penn State, Kutztown, York College of Pa, Reading Area Community College, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. In 2002, he received the Academic Services Adjunct Award from LCCC for his outstanding teaching abilities.

He has published an online textbook on the history of comic books and has also travelled the world to far off locations that include China, Egypt, Jordan, New Zealand, and much of Europe (The island of Crete is his favorite place!). Aside from art, Hillary enjoys baseball, comic books, American Pop Culture and World History.

Hillary is married to a wonderful woman named Kathy and has two step-children, a cat, a dog, and a turtle. Together, they recently published a children’s book together. “The Perfect Little Puppy” can be found on the Trafford, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble sites (though they’re much cheaper if you get them directly through the authors & they’ll sign it for you). Youngsters under 7 love this book and it makes a great gift!

Yes, you can see Hillary is a shameless self-promoter. He has also published a children’s coloring book that can be found on the “Nature Abounds” website (look under “Turtle related- Maximillian Terrepene”).

He has been teaching classes at EMU since January 2014.


B.A. M.A. Penn State University