Program Information

Mission and Purpose…

  • Provide quality basic science and liberal arts courses that strengthen students in their preparation for a career in an aspect of the health sciences
  • Educate students regarding different health science careers
  • Provide opportunity for students to gain clinical and practicum experiences within the context of their chosen health science field
  • Advise and assist students in the application process to graduate health science schools
  • Enhance the development of faith, ethics, and compassionate virtue in the character of students who are preparing for a career in the health sciences

EMU prepared me wonderfully for my career. I was well served to have had a background in the study of science viewed through the lens of the knowledge of God.”

-Dr. Janelle Aby
clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at Stanford University.

Read more on Janelle and other EMU alumni in the field!

Students Will…

  • Complete EMUs required science and prerequisite courses with an average GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • Participate in two or more clinical experiences related to a specific health science career or program
  • Participate in one or more volunteer experience(s) that involve people but may not be clinical in its orientation
  • Understand the prerequisites and entrance requirements for the graduate health science program of choice
  • Successfully take entrance examinations and complete the application process


In addition to the required biology courses in the major, biology majors in PPHS are also required to take:

  • BIOL 302 Developmental Biology (4) OR BIOCH 371 Foundational Biochemistry (4)
  • BIOL 441 Mammalian Physiology (4)
  • CHEM 322 Organic Chemistry II (4) (Not required for prephysical therapy students)
  • PHYS 262 University Physics II (4)

Highly recommended elective courses include:

  • BIOL 431 Mammalian Anatomy (4) (Required for prephysical therapy students)
  • BIOCH 391 Advanced Cell Biology (3)
  • BIOCH 432 Molecular Genetics (3)
  • CHEM 331 Analytical Chemistry (4)
  • MATH 242 Statistics for the Natural Sciences (3) OR MATH 201/2 Elementary Statistics

Additional Information…

Normally the pre-professional health sciences student will complete the above courses by the end of the junior year of study in order to be fully prepared at that time to take a professional health science school entrance exam (MCAT, DAT, VET or GRE).

Since course requirements for non-biology majors vary, students should check with their major department for specific details.

Because graduate schools value a broad education, a minor in a non-science area of interest is suggested.

Chair: Greta Ann Herin