Identity in Ministry

When I think of EMS, I think about this journey I’ve been on to find my identity in ministry. I knew I was called to seminary but I didn’t know why. I didn’t feel like pastoral ministry was for me and almost let that preconceived idea stand in the way of attending EMS. Fortunately, I discovered that there are many avenues for ministry. It’s great that EMS creates space for non-pastoral track students to explore and cultivate their call.

For me, the “Formation in God’s Story” class was an important part of the discernment process. This semester we have invested time in discussing and processing our understanding of our call. This important work has helped me understand that I am called to music ministry and that the seminary supports that call by providing a solid foundation from which to minister. Conversations within small group during class, discernment meetings with my professor and deliberate prayer time have helped me make sense of what once felt so uncertain.

I feel so grateful to be at a Seminary where discernment and spiritual formation are important elements of the curriculum. We are not left to flounder and find our way alone. We are journeyed with, companioned. To all of those who have walked with me for the past year – thank you! I will be forever thankful for this year of learning, growing and discerning at EMS.

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