Opening plenary: What’s So Good about this Samaritan?: A Christian Ethic for Navigating Power and Difference – Christena Cleveland and Drew Hart

For the opening plenary, Christena Cleveland and Drew Hart will explore the Good Samaritan story. They will consider how Jesus told this unsettling narrative which exposed and confronted how power and difference were organizing people’s lives. They will guide us into a reflection on the ethical implications for our own lives as we navigate our society.

Tuesday morning plenary: The Priesthood of the Privileged: A Practical Theology of Inequality, Power and Unity – Christena Cleveland

Not all divisions are created equal. What are Christians called to do when divisions exist across power lines? Christena will discuss how we can think and act theologically in our unequal world.

Wednesday morning plenary: Whitened Jesus and the Challenge of Discipleship – Drew Hart

Its slowly becoming common knowledge that Jesus was not a blonde-haired and blued-eyed European. Yet few people in the church have considered some of the broader consequences of whitening Jesus beyond reproducing an obvious visual misrepresentation of a 1st century Palestinian man. In this plenary, Drew Hart will guide us toward some broader implications of westernizing and whitening Jesus as it relates to Christian formation and our attempts at doing life together. Staying attentive to the everyday theological and ethical ramifications of a whitened Jesus is necessary for followers of Jesus that no longer want to unconsciously reproduce racial hierarchy in their lives and through their ministry. Come and join us for this necessary self-examination of our humble attempts to follow Jesus throughout our society.

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