Meet Your Coaches

Suzy Hostetler, lead coach in EMU's CoachLink program Suzy Hostetler, Lead Coach
“My first year in college wasn’t easy. I had a 10 hour drive to get home and had a hard time transitioning. Hearing about CoachLink made me wish I had the option when I was in college! I am excited to be part of a program that helps students get connected on campus and feel at home!”

Jane Ellen Reid, lead coach in EMU's CoachLink program Jane Ellen Reid, Lead Coach
“In my role as a CoachLink Lead Coach, I particularly appreciate the opportunity to work with students one-on-one through an entire semester. There is tremendous variety as each student decides how they want to tailor our meeting times. Many students just want to talk with a person outside their sphere of friends and professors, someone who is non-judging and willing to listen.“

Crystal Horning, coach in EMU's CoachLink program Crystal Horning, Lead Coach
“You will never make it to college” my high school guidance counselor told me. In graduate school my professor provided students with three options for taking his tests: oral, essay or multiple-choice. I always took oral and I always aced the test. One day I asked the professor if I could do the oral test and when finished if I could take the same test multiple-choice. I received an A on the oral and an F on the multiple-choice. After years of struggling academically I discovered that I was smart and academically capable; I simply needed creative avenues for confirmation. As a Coachlink coach I hope to walk with and advocate for each student to have creative avenues!”

Jen Kratz, coach in EMU's CoachLink program Jen Kratz, Coach
“College can be a time of many joys and excitement but also many challenges. My involvement in Coachlink stems from my own college experience and the desire to have someone available to walk with me through adjustments and transitions. Being a coach allows me to do that for students.”

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