Co-ed Rec Sports Volleyball Guidelines


  1. A team may have no more than three men on the court at one time. There cannot be more men on the floor than women.
  2. A team must have four players on the court to start a game.
  3. A match will consist of two 30-point games. If a third game is required it will be to 15. All games will use rally scoring.
  4. Teams will alternate courts after each game and after one team reaches 8 points in the third game.
  5. No time outs are allowed except for injury.
  6. All rotations will be in a clockwise fashion with no player being able to substitute in ahead of where they would have been if they had stayed in the game.
  7. Only three varsity or ex-varsity players may be on an “A” league roster. Only two of those may play at one time. There will be no current varsity men players allowed.
  8. There can be no varsity or ex-varsity players in “B” league and a limit of three A league players may be on a B league team. Only two of those may play at the same time.
  9. A player may not play in A and C league.
  10. Players may not play on more than one team in the same league.
  11. A team will forfeit its game if it uses a player not on its roster.
  12. Teams not ready to play five minutes after the scheduled starting time will receive a warning. At ten minutes the game will be forfeited.
  13. Two forfeits and your team will be removed from the league
  14. The officials and Rec Sports Staff will evaluate each team at the end of the game for sportsmanship. If a team receives two poor evaluations during the season it will be removed from the league. Two unsatisfactories will count as one poor.
  15. If a ball strikes the batting cage (court B) it is still in play if it hits the cage on the side of the court of the last team to play the ball. This is only the case if the last team to hit the ball has a hit remaining. If the ball strikes the cage on the opposite side then the team that last hit the ball loses the point.
  16. If the ball strikes the cage and stays in the cage on the side of the last team to hit the ball the point will be played over. This is only the case if the last team to hit the ball has a hit remaining. It is a lost point if it hits and sticks on the opposite side from the last team to hit the ball.

Special Rules

  1. Both leagues will play at the women’s height.
  2. The ball may touch the net on the serve.
  3. A block is not considered one of the team’s hits. A block is considered going up with two hands.
  4. Coming in contact with the net is illegal, but a player may go under the net following his/her hit as long as there is no risk of injury or he/she in no way interferes with the other team
  5. The ball may be played with the legs from the knee and above. The ball may not be kept in play with any part of the leg below the knee.
  6. A League
    • Men must attack from behind the red ten foot line
    • Men may cross the red line while in the air as long as their last step was behind the line
    • Blocking must be attempted with two hands
    • Directing the ball on the block is allowed, however it must be done with two hands
    • When the man’s feet leave the floor in front of the red line and he strikes the ball it must leave his hand in an upward movement. This is for all contact with the ball except in blocking