community life

EMU students - Global Connections community members

Global Connections community members share experiences in chapel during International Education Week.

EMU students - community members share a meal

Sharing meals like these students and having regular times of fellowship are an important part of Living Learning Communities.

Living Learning Community

The Global Connections Living Learning Community, open to female residents, is taking shape for the 2013-14 academic year. Community members reside in Elmwood residence hall and share a common academic course or area of interest that links their lives in the residence halls with their learning experiences in the classroom and around campus. Students in the community are part of a strong support system that serves them throughout their academic and professional careers.

What are the benefits?

Students who live in communities will:

  • have a network of friends
  • build a sense of community on the hall and at EMU
  • meet others with similar experiences and common goals
  • easily find help and encouragement
  • transform their residence hall into an active, supportive and exciting place to live and learn
  • maximize their academic experience with lots of faculty/staff/community interaction

Global Connections community

This community is an opportunity for American students to live and study with fellow students from around the world. Returning students will serve as mentors and help stand in the gap between different cultures. Interested students should have studied or lived abroad (third culture kids!) or be students new to the U.S. and American culture. Programs and activities will emphasize cross-cultural interaction intellectually and socially. Note: International students will find the opportunity to enhance their English skills invaluable.

Global Connections, a one-credit course offered fall semester, is required for community members. It engages students in critical thought and discussion of cultural and international issues. Class activities foster both critical thinking about cultural issues and positive cross-cultural relationships.

Application info

Submit the LLC application (pdf) to Eric Codding, director of residence life, by February 5, 2013 for returning students (June 18, 2013 for new students entering EMU for the Fall 2013 Semester). Contact Eric at with questions.