“What are you thankful for this year?”

That’s what we asked EMU students, professors and staff. The response was overwhelming! There is much to be positive about these days. Below we’ve published a number of Thanksgiving reflections. Thanks to all who responded!
EMU marketing and communications web staff

I’m thankful for…

A supportive circle of caring friends
Bekah, freshman

A loving relationship with my Creator.
Michael Shull, freshman

I’m thankful that God is sovereign, that He is in control, and that He is with me every step of my journey. :)
Charlene Davis, assistant for EMU’s advancement division

Joel Landis.
Jared Witmer, who says he reads at a senior level now!

I’m glad I live in a country where I am free to be different, to be who I am called to be.
Christine Bottles, senior

I am Muslim. This is the first Thanksgiving I am celebrating in my life. I am very thankful to God for sending me to CJP. I feel very privileged and grateful for the opportunity. Before coming here, some people in my country had some doubt about my university as it is Christian, but I knew that there are many things that all religions share and believe. I found CJP, for which I am very thankful this year.
Muhammad Asadullah, CJP graduate student from Bangladesh

My wonderful family and the birth of my second daughter. I am also thankful that God is a part of our family.
Brice Hostetler, financial assistance counselor

The opportunity to spend time with family and friends; Awesome food to eat; A home; Love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, open minds, excitement, relaxation…
Kaylee Curtiss, senior JPCS major

Good health is something we often take for granted, so this year I am especially grateful for good health and good health for my children and husband!
Jennifer Bauman, admissions office

Work study students! They keep me young at heart and prevent me from becoming old, out of touch and cranky. Time and again they prove to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.
Lynn Veurink, assistant director of auxiliary services

The AMAZING friends I have as well as supportive professors. I would be lost without them. I’m thankful for my twin sister Linda and her support through everything we have gone through our whole life. I’m also thankful for my roommates. They have put up with me everyday for the last 3 years!!!
Katie Cimini, junior field hockey and track team student-athlete

Students who support their peers as tutors, study partners, or study group leaders
Linda Gnagey, director of the Academic Support Center

God granting me another year of life. I am thankful for having great friends that have been there to support me when I needed their support. Lastly I am thankful for being alive and enjoying each day as it was to be the last one the Lord has assigned for me. Thank you God for always being there for me.
Ana Jimenez, sophomore and member of the Latino Student Alliance

An opportunity to work with young adults, helping them be successful in their athletic and academic pursuits, preparing them to be contributing members of future communities and congregations. It is a joy to see them follow their passions and develop their potential through involvement in campus activities and organizations. I feel blessed to be a part of the process of preparing the next generation of leaders.
Dave King, director of athletics

My family and the close relationship I have with each of my parents and brothers. I am reminded around the holidays of those who have broken families or have loved ones who have passed away, and I think I take my family for granted sometimes. I am thankful for the love and support my parents give me, for the friendship I have with my brothers and the talks and laughs we have shared, and I am thankful and blessed to be able to call my mom my best friend.
Esther Shank, sophomore English education major

An abundance of family and friends who love and support me.
Kaitlin Black, junior

Relationships that provide deep and thought provoking conversations. I’m thankful that I could be included in God’s plan.
Nels Akerson, freshman

That I have the opportunity to be inspired by the students of the ADCP who work so hard in their classes while maintaining family & work commitments. I am also inspired by the way they care for each other on this educational journey.
Margo McIntire, academic adviser for ADCP

The opportunity to host wonderful Sara Hanna, MCC International Volunteer from Egypt, in our family. Sara works as administrative assistant in CJP/PI this year.
Gretchen Maust, class of 1973

Vibrant, dedicated students in my Community Health and Family Health classes who have worked hard this semester to make a difference in peoples’ lives in the Harrisonburg community.
Ann Hershberger, nursing faculty

I’m thankful for all the basic things: food, home, family. But this year I’m especially thankful that in every circumstance of life I have HOPE because of my faith. Things do get rough for me and people I love, but we always have God’s promise of presence. We’re not alone.
Linda Alley, class of 1973 and current seminary staff member and graduate student

I’m thankful for a faith-based campus community. It leads to a unique collection of caring people who offer encouragement, inspiration and genuine friendship.
Brian Burkholder, campus pastor

Dark chocolate, skype, wonderful housemates and a break!
Jenny Hochstetler, senior

I am thankful for employment, for a job that I enjoy, and a great setting and people to work with. I am also thankful for my family and friends, who walk with me through life’s challenges in my journey.
Gloria Shenk Kniss, class of 1975, assistant for MA in ED in Lancaster

I am thankful for the ability to do physical activities without any restrictions.
Olivia Nussbaum, freshman

My family!
Anna Hershey, class of 2013!

I’m thankful that we get a short break from projects, papers, and presentations to head home, see our families, catch up with old friends, and eat way too much. God bless us, every one!
Gabe Brunk, sophomore

I am thankful for my life and life of my family and friends.
Thomas Olung’a, MA in education student

I am thankful for the ability to see family over break that I have not seen for many years.
Taylor Harrison, class of 2009

I am thankful for my family and friends. I am glad that I have the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning such as EMU and go to chapel services every week. I am also thankful for the interactive learning experience on the campus. There are so many opportunities to share experiences with fellow students and obtain assistance from instructors.
Michael Showalter, senior

My husband, Jim, and I had the unexpected opportunity to travel to Indonesia this summer. I will forever feel connected to the wonderful people that I met there! I also was able to participate in a Gamelan ensemble, unique to that part of the world.
Sharon Miller, music faculty

I’m thankful for two classes of thoughtful students in “Advanced Writing” this fall, and thankful that they’ve chosen interesting research project topics for my reading pleasure!
Marti Eads, professor of English

I feel blessed for having the opportunity to teach a course at EMU.
Ann Sebrell, mathematics adjunct faculty

I’m thankful for my family and friends
Travis Ebersole, junior

I am thankful for the awesome relationships with my family and friends.
Michelle Moore, senior

I am thankful for abundant blessings that have allowed me to come to this fine institute of learning. I am also thankful for the Lord’s provision and guiding through everyday troubles and through my father’s surgery. For my mother’s continued placement in her job, despite many layoff scares. And for overall good health and well-being.
Abigail Carr, class of 2013

I’m grateful that my sister’s birthday falls so close to Thanksgiving, so I can go to the party. She’ll be seven this year. :-)
Nicole Ruser, class of 2011

I’m thankful to be on an incredible hall and to have met so many wonderful people since arriving here at EMU. I feel as if God has blessed me the chance to go to such an amazing school and to be part of a warm and loving community who has become like family to me.
Mariah Elliott, freshman

I am thankful for my amazing fiance, my new family, and the amazing new life that I am going to have.
Bethany Borschinski, senior

Turkey with oyster gravy; Health; Anna, my soul-mate; Natural history; Kindness shown; Songs that lift the spirits; Grandkids; Imagination ; Vacations; Innovative technology; Nice surprises; God.
Jim Bishop, class of 1967, public information office in the marketing department

I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with people of all ages at EMU- people who are living the call of Jesus to be the light of the world.
Cathy Smeltzer Erb, teacher education faculty

the people who clean our bathrooms and buildings, people who write good books, hand written letters in the mail, the movie Dead Man Walking, our dining hall staff, the gospel of Luke.
Byron Peachey, campus pastor