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Tartuffe by Moliere, translation by Ranjit Bolt

When Tartuffe, a con artist who operates by exaggerated piety, insinuates himself into Orgon’s household, everyone can see him for the fraud that he is. Everyone, that is, except for Orgon, who is ready to hand over his keys, deeds, and daughter to this “wholly excellent” man. Can his family make him see reason before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Moliere weaves a web of complicated relationships: Mariane loves Valere, but Orgon wants her to marry Tartuffe, while Tartuffe is smitten with Elmire—and Elmire is married to Orgon. Also in the mix: an uppity grand dame, a side-splittingly insolent maid, a swooning lover, and The Law.

Tartuffe ran November 1-3 and 8-10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theater.

Director: Heidi Winters Vogel
Stage Manager: Emily Hertzler
Madame Pernelle - Charlotte Wenger
Flipote - Brooke Snyder
Laurent - Bryan Cunningham
Elmire - Heidi Muller
Dorine - Sarah Gant
Damis - Brent Anders
Mariane - Ingrid Johnson
Cleante - Rebecca Copeland
Orgon - Braydon Hoover
Valere - Wilson Roth
Tartuffe - Steve Kniss
Monsieur Loyal - Nils Martin

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