Handmade paper by Barbara Fast
Professor of Art

Art Education Endorsement

Major in Art, PreK-12
Teaching Endorsement
Required courses for teacher licensure program
(PreK-12) include the following:

Education Curriculum:
ED 101 Exploring Teaching (2)
ED 232 Learning, Motivation and Assessment (PreK-6) (3)
ED 351 General Curriculum and Methods for Middle and Secondary Teaching (1)
ED 381 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 6-12 (2)
ED 401 Examining Foundations of Education (2)
ED 411 Reflective Teaching Seminar and Portfolio (1)
ED 461 Elementary Student Teaching PreK-6 (7)
ED 462 Middle/High School Student Teaching 6-12 (7)
Recommended Education Courses:
ED 201 Computers and Instructional Technology in Education (1)
ED 301 Needs of Diverse Learners (3)
ED 391 Middle School Curriculum (3)

Art Education Curriculum:
ART 111 Foundations of Design (3)
ART 141 Drawing I (3)
*ART 181 Three-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 251 Painting (3)
*ART 261 Papermaking OR
elective in 3-D (3)
ART 271 Ceramics (3)
ART 321 Survey of Western Art (3)
*ART 322 Survey of World Art (3)
*ART 397 Elementary School Art Methods (3)
*ART 398 Secondary School Art Methods (3)
ART 443 Advanced Drawing (3)
*ART 473 Advanced Ceramics (3)
PHOTO 112 Digital Photography (3)

As a corequisite to the first of the two art methods courses (ART 397 Elementary School or ART 398 Secondary School) students take ED 351 General Curriculum and Methods. ART 397 and ART 398 must be passed with a grade of C or better. Successful passing of the Praxis I exam and admission to teacher education are required before enrolling in the second art methods course. Successful passing of the Praxis II exam is required for completion of the program in art education. Additionally, prospective teachers must comply with all teacher education requirements.