Late Night Tutoring

Writing and research assistance for papers

Do you have a paper due at the end of this semester? Would you like another pair of eyes to read it and give you feedback? Would you like to brainstorm with someone about starting a paper? Organizing your ideas? Finishing the paper? Revising it?

Would you like to know if you’ve provided adequate documentation for your sources? Would you like to know how to find resources for grammar help? Do you need sources for your research project? Are you stuck with one source and cannot locate additional appropriate sources? Are you unsure if the sources you’ve found are scholarly?

Bring your paper assignment with you and either your laptop/paper draft or a hard copy of a paper to one or both of the scheduled sessions:

Another pair of eyes reading your paper is a way to strengthen your ideas no matter how well you write. We look forward to seeing you there!

Late night tutoring will resume Fall 2014

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