Criminology and Restorative Justice Minor

Students interested in careers in law enforcement, law, social work, forensics or other related fields can to add a criminology and restorative justice minor at Eastern Mennonite University. This minor may also appeal to students planning to enter other professions in which an understanding of the criminal justice system would be beneficial.

Criminology and Restoratice Justice Minor Curriculum

The minor is designed for students who are interested in engaging with criminal justice systems as agents of change actively working towards a society that envisions justice as restorative and transformative.

Core (9 SH)
POL 250 Law, Justice and the Local Context (3 SH)
PXD 331 Restorative Justice and Trauma Awareness (3 SH)
*SOC 360 Criminology (3 SH)

Electives (9 SH)

Choose one of the following courses:
*PXD 261 Community and Conflict Analysis Techniques (3 SH)
SOC 210 Social Stratification (3 SH)
SOC 350 Urban Sociology (3 SH)
SOWK 200 Social Behavior and Diversity (3 SH)

Choose two of the following courses:
PXD 311 Mediation and Interpersonal Processes (3 SH)
PXD 375 Globalization and Justice (3 SH)
SOWK 360 Race and Gender (3 SH)
THEO 323 Biblical Theology of Peace and Justice (3 SH)

* Indicates courses offered in alternate years