Eloy Rodriguez

Eloy Rodriguez, Eastern Mennonite University education graduate

EMU was a wonderful place to learn and grow as a student and provided me with a strong foundation in which to build a career in education. Not only did I feel prepared for my first teaching position, but I felt I brought something that was a bit different from other teachers coming out of other education programs. I greatly appreciated the Anabaptist perspective that was infused into the program. It gave me a unique perspective on how I would chose to relate to my students and fellow colleagues and pushed me to be a more reflective teacher.

EMU also opened my eyes to the restorative approach to dealing with discipline, which instead of being punitive, gives students the opportunity to restore broken relationships and empathize with their peers. I am very grateful for my EMU experience and would highly recommend the education program to anyone. It truly is a special place!

Now, as the principal at Lancaster Mennonite School – New Danville Campus, EMU grads are one of the first groups we look at when hiring new teachers. More than ever, Lancaster Mennonite School is looking for highly qualified teachers that come from an Anabaptist background or have gone through a similar program. EMU student teachers have a strong reputation in the local community, but also in the wider Mennonite community. We know they are prepared to embrace differences in students, focus on building caring relationships, and continue to be life-long learners. I would encourage education grads to consider Lancaster Mennonite School, a place where we embrace the EMU difference!