EMU biology graduate Rebecca DroogerIn a typical model of hands-on research, biology major Rebecca Drooger collaborated with professor Roman Miller for over two years on the effects of plant-based estrogen on mice. Her findings could impact broader cancer research!

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Studies in Biology at EMU

If you’re interested in biology, you’re interested in life. Humans, animals, forests, streams and soil … these are subjects of concern and fascination.

At EMU you’ll work side by side with others who share your interest as you conduct experiments, analyze data, study diagrams, debate issues and take field trips. Biology students have the privilege of working with faculty on research projects in biology. Recent examples of student research include projects on the genetics of aging, the organic production of blueberries, and methods of controlling invasive fire ants in Hawaii.

Professors who are mentors

Professors who are mentors at EMU Our school’s small size means ready access to equipment and individual instruction. Professors who are mentors help you develop skills in scientific interpretation and an awareness of the ethical issues that surround science. They emphasize the harmony between the natural world and God’s Word.

Biology is one of the biggest programs at EMU because we have an excellent reputation. Our graduates are sought both by graduate schools and employers – they know EMU biology grads are well-prepared critical thinkers with real-world experience.

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Call or email our faculty and staff, skim our FAQS for general info about our program, and download the 2011-12 biology course catalog. You’ll also want to read our statement on creation and natural science.

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