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David Showalter research

David Showalter, an EMU biochemistry graduate, studied in Ohio State’s PhD program and researched the physiological and biochemical defense mechanisms associated with resistance in ash species to the emerald ash borer, an invasive species that has destroyed millions of trees in North America. Read more.


Some of the most dramatic scientific advances in recent years have been in our understanding of the biochemistry of living organisms. For instance, the phenomenal advances in molecular biology have opened door to a wide range of biomedical and agricultural applications that were not imagined several decades ago, while at the same time presenting a range of bioethical concerns.

The departments of chemistry and biology cooperate in offering students the option of concentrating their studies on this dynamic field by majoring in biochemistry. This rigorous program is geared towards giving students a fundamental knowledge in the molecular basis of biological processes.

Students take coursework involving a combination of chemistry and biology courses, culminating in a two-semester advanced biochemistry series, and including a research laboratory experience.

Recent graduates of EMU’s biochemistry program are enrolled in medical schools or in graduate programs, or are working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Advisors: Stephen Cessna, Tara Kishbaugh, and Matthew Siderhurst