Why should you donate to CJP?

The world’s future may well depend on community-based efforts like CJP’s…on just-minded, respectful, spiritual, well-trained promoters of peace and justice.

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding is…

  1. A world leader in preparing peacebuilders for conflict transformation, restorative justice, trauma healing and conflict sensitive development.
  2. Home to one of the few graduate level programs that equips people to work for peace at the community level, while influencing peacebuilding within the larger society.
  3. Blessed with exceptional applicants, but unfortunately many are unable to find the funds they need to come to CJP.
  4. Sowing the seeds of peace in 199 countries through the work of faculty, staff, 250 alumni, and more than 2,300 trainees. How are we sowing the seeds of peace? Read more about our peace and justice work in Peacebuilder Magazine, the official print publication of CJP.

Our graduate program aims to prepare reflective practitioners by:

  • nurturing a diverse learning community that values mutuality.
  • offering a practice-based curriculum.
  • encouraging nonviolent and restorative response to conflict.
  • fostering reflective, value-based practice and critical self-reflection.
  • furthering the lifelong process of strengthening and acquiring the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values needed for peacebuilding.
  • sustaining a long-term commitment to justice and peace.
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