Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (624)

Mark Rogers and Charlotte Booth

This course approaches monitoring and evaluation from a learning perspective and introduces theories of change, indicators, monitoring, evaluation design, and tools for reflective practice. Course objectives are to enable participants to:

  • Practice evaluative thinking;
  • Design better projects;
  • Monitor and learn from those projects more regularly and effectively;
  • Enable participants to engage with evaluation more thoroughly; and
  • Improve practice and accountability to all concerned parties.

Course emphasis is on utilization-focused evaluation and working with qualitative data through mini-lectures, experiential learning exercises, and practical case applications. Participants should already be familiar with the theory and practice of peacebuilding, but new to the field of monitoring and evaluation.

Prior to the beginning of the course, you are invited to submit a 5-7 page case study of a peacebuilding project that may be used in the practice sessions involving indicator development, monitoring planning, and evaluation design. The case study should include a detailed conflict analysis, a goal statement, SMART objectives, targeted results, and brief descriptions of the key activities. Two to four case studies will be chosen according to participant interest.