Flu Pandemic Crisis
Response Plan and Program

Download the 15-minute video produced by the Virginia Department of Health for educational purposes. The video provides an overview of the major issues surrounding Pandemic Flu, with answers to the most common inquiries on the subject.


Pandemic Flu DVD (39.5 MB) Flu_060327_0925_2.mp4
RealPlayer or Quicktime format (recommended)

Pandemic Flu DVD (146 MB)
Windows Media Player format

Pandemic Flu DVD in Spanish (39 MB) Flu (En Espanol)060327_1235_2.mp4
bb or Quicktime format (recommended)

The links below will be populated with relevant information as needed if these areas of campus life are affected by a flu pandemic. (General information about EMU crisis response planning and program is here.)

The Virginia Department of Health has a detailed pandemic flu web site with links to other state and federal information and resources. (This information was posted long before the spring 2009 H1N1 — Swine —flu outbreak.)

  • Individuals and Families Planning
  • Communications/public information
  • Cross cultural program
  • Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (Summer Peacebuilding Institute)
  • Human Resources
  • Student Life
  • Health Services
  • Dining services
  • Safety and security
  • Information Systems
  • Campus ministries and counseling
  • Business office
  • Harrisonburg City