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Cross-Cultural Program

Future Programs

The semester program is the recommended cross-cultural option. Each semester program includes 15 semester hours of credit taken as five (3 SH) courses. The experience integrates course content through analysis and experiential learning. Nine hours of the semester program meet the cross-cultural requirements in the Core Curriculum. This includes the core experiential course (“Cross-Cultural Social Science” 3 SH), and six additional hours of cross-cultural designates. A semester cross-cultural also includes one faith course meeting the “Christian Identity and Witness” requirement. The remaining courses may include language, history and culture, or an area of faculty expertise.

Summer seminars provide exposure to cross-cultural contexts for 3-6 weeks. A three-week experience comprises the core cross-cultural course while six-week seminars include a second 3 SH course. 
The Washington Community Scholars’ Center offers fall, spring and summer terms.

Spring 2018

  • India Travel fee $2,500 – Kim G. Brenneman & Bob Brenneman

Summer 2018

  • Kenya (3 SH) $4,500 – Roxy Allen Kioko & Felix Kioko
  • Lithuania (6 SH) $7,100 – Jerry Holsopple
  • Paraguay (3 SH) $4,050 – Laura Yoder & Greta Ann Herin

Information Meetings scheduled for fall semester

Fall 2018

  • China Travel fee $2,500 – Mary Sprunger & Myrrl Byler

Spring 2019

  • Middle East Travel fee $2,700 – Linford Stutzman & Eric Trinka

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Summer 2019

  • Mexico 6-week seminar (6 SH) $5,600 – Linda & Brian Martin Burkholder
  • Puerto Rico 3-week seminar (3 SH) $3,500 – Jenni Holsinger & Adam Yoder
  • South Africa 6-week seminar (6 SH) $6,500 – Andrew & Karen Suderman

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Fall 2019

  • Europe Travel fee $2,500 – Justin & Amanda Poole

Spring 2020

  • Guatemala/Central America, Travel fee $2,200 – Faculty TBA
  • Middle East, Travel fee $2,700 – Tim Seidel & Christi Hoover Seidel

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