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Summer Cross-cultural Program

Morocco and Spain

Cross-cultural seminar: Summer 2007

This seminar explores the historic and cultural links between Spain and Morocco, once the heart of the Moorish empire, highlighting the blending of their peoples, art, and architecture.

Week 1: We visit Andalucía. 'Al-Andalus' is where the Moors and Berbers from Morocco first set foot in Spain and remained the longest, until their eventual expulsion from Granada in 1492. We visit the Giralda (Sevilla), the Mezquita-Catedral (Córdoba), and the Alhambra ( Granada) and develop an appreciation for the Moorish cultural legacy in Spain.

Week 2: We cross Gibraltar by ferry into Morocco at the port of Tangier where the Berber forces gathered to conquer Spain in 711. We spend a week in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on Northern African soil, serving African immigrants at the refugee home of the Cruz Blanca. We seek to understand the plight of immigrants in search of the “European Dream.”

Week 3: We follow Moorish immigrants expelled from Granada in 1492 into refuge in Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. We visit the Andalucian Quarter in Fez, the oldest of Morocco's imperial cities, and Marrakech, founded by the Almoravids, the warrior monks whose empire stretched into Andalucia, hiring Andalusian craftsmen to build their palaces and mosques.

Weeks 4-6: We study Arabic and Islamic culture in Fez, enjoying homestays with Moroccan families. The seminar allows us to experience a taste of Christian-Muslim encounters and dialogue and also to develop an appreciation for cultural and religious differences and their various expressions.


*Estimated Cost: $5,000

Semester Leaders: Moira Rogers

Dates: May 2007

Enrollment: 20 Students

Course Credits: 3 semester hours


*Due to fluctuating airfare and exchange rates, EMU reserves the right to adjust the cost of the seminar up to the date of the trip deposit.