Iran 2014: May 26 – June 17

Program Description

This three week seminar will provide learning opportunities about Shi’ah Islam as well as the minority religious communities, as we meet a variety of Iranian people. Lectures and site visits will focus on Iran’s history, both that of the Persian empire and the Islamic government since the 1979 revolution, as well as on Persian culture and literature.

Qom: Attend Shi’ah Islam-Mennonite Christian interfaith dialogue conference as observers. Attend lectures on Shi’ah Islam and on environmental sustainability in Iran. Meet Iranian seminary students. Visit the historic shrine to the sister of the 8th Shi’ah imam.

Tehran: Attend lectures on Iranian government and history. See the relief work of Iranian Red Crescent Society. Visit several historical and tourist sites. Engage with Center for Interreligious Dialogue. Meet members of the Christian and Jewish communities and attend an Armenian Orthodox church service. Meet people suffering from chemical welfare attack by Iraq. See the former US embassy and the bookstore with the CIA documents reassembled after having been shredded.

Isfahan: Visit beautiful Imam Square. Observe handicraft making. Walk through the bazar and enjoy tea shops.

Shiraz: Visit the shrines of the Persian poets Hafez and Saadi. Visit Persepolis, ruins of ancient city built by Cyrus the Great and Darius and destroyed by Alexander the Great.

Seminar leader: Ed Martin, Center for Interfaith Engagement
Estimated Cost: $4,350
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014
Applicants must have a passport valid through December 1, 2014. If obtaining a new passport, application should be processed no later than Jan. 15.

Course Information

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science: Iran 3 SH

Required Immunizations

Routine – MMR, DPT series with last booster within 10 years, IPV or OPV, Hep B
CDC Recommended -
Hepatitis A