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Cross-Cultural Program

Quebec, Canada: May – June 2016

“Je me souviens” (“I remember”). This phrase is found on Québecois license plates and the coat of arms of this unique Canadian province. The Québec cross-cultural experience will be an exploration of the motto and the linguistic, cultural, historical, economic and religious realities that give it its punch.

Through three weeks of living in Montréal, the province’s major city, and a visit to Québec City, the capital of the province, we will study Québec’s history within Canada, including its important separatist periods, observe the work of Canadian artists, and become familiar with a Quebecois and Canadian perspective on economic and political relationships with the United States.

Through encounters with Québecois Christians, we will learn about Québec’s Roman Catholic character, its experience of secularization, and efforts of Mennonites to participate in the renewal of faith. In addition to French language coursework, students will explore these two Québecois cities, observe and participate in religious, cultural and environmental aspects of their life, and journal about their experiences.


Seminar Leaders: Nancy Heisey, Bible & Religion Dept.
Estimated Cost: $5,000
*This program is recommended for Spring Varsity Athletes, to avoid conflicts with athletics scheduling. Program dates will be approximately May 19-June 10.

Course Information

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science 3 SH


The following immunizations are recommended for travel to Canada for the locations and times the EMU cross-cultural group will be in country.

Immunizations and prescriptions may be obtained at EMU Health Services by appointment.
Immunizations may also be obtained from your local health department or primary care provider.