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Summer Cross-cultural Program


Cross-cultural seminar: Summer 2007

This cross-cultural immersion in Vietnam and the Shenandoah Valley examines human rights, religion, peacebuilding, and just development. An important part of the course is the reciprocal hosting of colleagues from Iran and Vietnam as we participate in EMU's Summer Peacebuilding Institute. Some guiding questions for our scholarly and spiritual inquiry
include: How shall we navigate changes unfolding in the world? How can we feel helpful, not helpless? Where do we stand in terms of living cross-culturally? Does religion assist in the delivery of human rights? What then shall we do? The overall program combines study in previous semesters with immersion learning to engage students in the evaluation of how we may best conceptualize, teach, and show peace in a conflicted world.

*Estimated Cost: $5,990

Semester Leaders: Dan Wessner

Dates: May 2007

Enrollment: 5 Students

Course Credits: 6 semester hours


*Due to fluctuating airfare and exchange rates, EMU reserves the right to adjust the cost of the seminar up to the date of the trip deposit.