Eastern Mennonite University
This article is from the EMU News Archive. The approximate date of publication was in September 2007. Current EMU news is available at www.emu.edu/news

90th anniversary special edition

Life in 50 Good & Bad Buildings ... Fundraising ... Being in the Black ...
Being in the Red ... Sacrificial Service ... Praying

This 90-year retrospective focuses on the buildings and grounds through which EMU has aimed to be “a learning community marked by academic excellence, creative process, professional competence, and passionate Christian faith, offering healing and hope in our diverse world.” Behind the nine decades of bricks and mortar are stories of devotion, sacrifice, love and an astonishing amount of fundraising, some with miraculous outcomes.


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Hear "What Is This Place" by EMU's Chamber Singers. Directed by Ken J. Nafziger, with John Fast playing the organ for one stanza.