What Parents Say

Parent Emily Minbiole shared a testimonial after her sons began elementary school.

The Early Learning Center was my first experience with having a child in school, and I am very glad that you set the bar so high. I’d like to say that I fully appreciated all that the ELC had to offer while Luke was enrolled, but I certainly couldn’t have really understood all the ways that your program would be so different and, frankly, superior to other schools.

The personalities of the teachers are so caring and nurturing. You put the children at ease while also keeping them aware that you are the leader. I felt welcomed in your classrooms at all times, and I felt thoroughly involved in what was going on and kept up-to-date with your personal messages in Luke’s folder.

And it was indeed a blessing that my presence on field trips was not only invited, but requested! I miss your weekly memos (never missed!) in advance of the week, telling me what was going on each day, including exactly what the kids would be eating for snack!

Sadly, not a week goes by now without my children coming home from school with some kind of candy. I picked my son up early from a elementary school Christmas party and the teacher sent home his plate of party snacks. The plate could barely contain the cupcake, rice krispie treat, pretzels, chocolate doughnut, and candy it was holding! I so appreciate your hard work encouraging good eating habits, experiencing a variety of foods, and teaching the kids about ecology, growing your own food, and composting. For his birthday, Luke was invited to bring a favorite book to school. He took, “Where Does the Garbage Go?” which emphasizes the importance of recycling.

I just want to offer a bit of thanks for setting my standards high for what I deem an acceptable whole-person education for my children. School should offer an extension of the values and priorities learned at home. That is exactly what the Early Learning Center did for our child.

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