Donald Miller: A Story Worth Telling

Where JMU Memorial Hall

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

What if there was more to your story than driving to work or walking to class? What if there was more to your story than simply going through the motions day in and day out? What if your story was about something bigger than yourself? Your story is a powerful one and it is worth telling. … Join RISE and others on March 21 as bestselling author, Donald Miller, talks about the power of story.

Admission is FREE but seating is limited.

Meet at 6 p.m. in front of the University Commons main entrance to carpool.


Donald Miller is best known for “saying what we are all feeling,” especially in the realm of Christian spirituality. His candid, disarming style has increased the talkability of our common spiritual longings while decreasing what was a hyper-religious culture. He has had numerous books on the New York Times Bestsellers List including his first hit, Blue Like Jazz that stayed on the list for more than forty weeks.

The concepts in his bestselling book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years have evolved into a life-planning system that has helped thousands organize their lives using the elements of story. Don hosts a conference called Storyline several times a year in various cities where he emphasizes a meaningful life alongside productivity. Corporations have sought Don to help improve the quality of their workplaces and the inter-connectedness of their teams.

In 2012, Don launched an online software package allowing people to go through the Storyline process online, resulting in a shareable, interactive report depicting each participants values, roles, ambitions, anticipated conflict and envisioned climactic scenes.

Don is the founder of Generation One, a national effort to strengthen American families by providing a vision for first-generation patriarchs and matriarchs through a common agreement to become the families we wish we’d grown up in.

Don is the founder of The Mentoring Project, a national organization that provides mentors for children growing up in fatherless homes.

Don served on The Presidential Task Force on Fatherhood and Healthy Families and advised the White House on policy decisions regarding American families.

Donald Miller lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


Intended Audience General Public


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Name Campus Ministries

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