Anabaptist Center for Religion and Society (ACRS) breakfast

Where Northlawn, West Dining Room

Duration 1 hour

ACRS Breakfast, Monday, September 9

At 7:30 a.m. come to EMU’s West Dining Room (WDR) for the first presentation in the new ACRS Series: “experiences/events which generated significant change in the Mennonite Church.”

In the summer of 1967 15 young riders including Terry Burkhalter went on a 10-day bicycle ride of 1,000 miles. Between 1967 and 1982 more than 10,000 riders (most of them Mennonite youth) participated in the program we learned to know as “Out-spokin’.”

How did this program generate significant change?

Think back to the 1960s. What was happening in our Mennonite communities? Mistrust between east and west? How did the divisions in the US affect us? The Vietnam War and protests? Race protests?

“Out-spokin’” channeled the athletic vigor of youth and interest in travel into group bonding, developing leadership skills, and new perspectives on the world they met every day.

Don’t miss Terry Burkhalter’s presentation of Out-spokin’. Coffee and pastries will be provided in the West Dining Room. If you wish a full breakfast, go through the cafeteria line and bring your food to the WDR. Ross Erb and other former Out-spokin’ riders will share their stories as part of the presentation.

Intended Audience General Public