Suter Seminar: Ultrasound and the Dynamics of Tiny Shelled Bubbles

Where Science Center, 104

Duration 1 hour

Ultrasound and the Dynamics of Tiny Shelled Bubbles

Daniel King, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physics
Eastern Mennonite University
Harrisonburg, Va

Ultrasound contrast agents are very tiny gas bubbles which are useful for helping to improve medical diagnosis with ultrasound. Additionally, there is much interest in developing these micron-sized particles to target diseased tissue as well as utilizing the mechanical motion these bubbles exhibit to enhance biological treatments. But, not all bubbles are created equal! Since material properties affect bubble dynamics, different shell compositions have significant effects on thresholds for when the bubble oscillates or collapses – despite having a thickness on the order of nanometers. Experimental results inform both theoretical models and potential bioeffects, which range from more efficient drug delivery to stimulation of angiogenesis.

Dr. King is Assistant Professor of Physics at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Va. After graduating with a BA in physics from Goshen College, Indiana, he received an MS and PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois. In addition to bubbles, his broader research interests include acoustics and fluid mechanics. In his spare time he enjoys playing Ultimate and writing quirky little pop songs.

Intended Audience General Public

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