Diving into the Silence of War, with Sorayya Khan

Where Northlawn, West Dining Room

Duration 1 hour

Diving into the Silence of War

After providing some context for the 1971 civil war between East and West Pakistan, Sorayya Khan will discuss her interviews with Pakistani soldiers who returned from that conflict, interviews that provided valuable information for her first novel, NOOR. A time for questions and dialogue will follow.

The daughter of a Dutch mother and Pakistani father, Sorayya Khan is interested in the intersection of silence, complicity, and trauma. Her first novel, NOOR, is based on experiences of veterans from the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence from Pakistan. Her second novel, FIVE QUEENS ROAD, weaves together family saga and the aftermath of the partition of India (1947), featuring characters who struggle with traumatic memories of World War II and conflicts arising from religious and class identities. Her third novel, CITY OF SPIES, about General Zia-ul-Haq’s coup and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s execution, has just been accepted for publication.

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