Majors in History

Majors, minors, courses and curricula are detailed in the history program course catalog.

Major in history

A major in history consists of 30 SH in history including HIST 121 “Introduction to History and Methods” (3), and HIST 452 “Seminar in History” (3).

Ideally, majors should:

  • take a wide range of history courses (United States, European and global)
  • acquire a high level of proficiency in at least one foreign language

Details on courses offered and the major’s curriculum are available in the history program course catalog.

Major in history and social science

This interdepartmental major of 45 SH consists of studies in United States History (6 SH) and required focused study in the following areas:

  • early or modern American history or African-American history
  • European and world history
  • area studies of Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East
  • historiography and history research methods
  • political studies
  • economics
  • geography
  • social science

Courses and curricula are detailed in the catalog.

Major in history and social science, teaching endorsement for grades 6-12

To become a middle or high school history or government teacher, you will earn both an education major and a history and social science major. This program includes one semester of student teaching and many other practical experiences in schools. A student wishing to prepare for teaching any subject at the secondary level will consult with the coordinator for secondary education in the education department and with the department advisor representing the major area.

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