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Your resources—much like those of our planet—are precious and limited. We understand and are here to help you make the most of what is available; to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your most valuable resource: your staff.

Humanitarian and disaster response agencies must find a balance between using scarce resources to carry out the mission of the organization and investing in staff development to deepen impact in the long term. Resources for staff development are often limited to specific capacity building that is included in a donor supported project. However, as agency leaders you are also very aware that staff formation is equally as important and determines how staff make use of the training offered. Now you can do both.

  • Training addresses critical skills needed to carry out responsibilities and improve performance in the immediate.
  • Formation focuses not only on the hard skills essential in humanitarian response but also the soft skills of personal growth. Research shows that formation can increase morale, spark innovation, decrease turnover, and develop effective leaders.

You need both to strengthen your organization and carry out your mission. EMU’s Humanitarian Action Leadership program is ready to develop a training/formation plan or graduate credit courses to meet the needs of your staff. We offer:

  • an online graduate certificate program that can be accessed anywhere in the world with internet connection. (18 semester hours completed in 15 months)
  • trainings crafted for your staff on site or on line. This training is customized to your needs, grant requirements, timing and budget.
  • a combination of training and credit courses created for your agency and staff. Frequently the agency can fund training but not credit; the staff person can pay the additional fee for credit.

Discount for non-government organizations

If an NGO sponsors a minimum of 4 students in the graduate certificate program, HAL offers a 50% discount on tuition. ($650 per credit hour reduced to $325). Similar discounts are arranged for training options.

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