Humanitarian Action Leadership and MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Want a full master’s degree?

We are developing a full masters degree, but in the meantime consider integrating Humanitarian Action Leadership Courses into your MA in Interdisciplinary Studies. With the MAIS you can create a customized master’s degree around your interests! Faculty mentors will work with you to design an education program around your experience, interests and needs. The core is the Humanitarian Action Leadership curriculum complemented by courses from other EMU programs for an innovative and flexible program combining the study of two or more disciplines. Choose courses from EMU’s world renowned Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, the collaborative MBA, Healthcare Management or the Seminary.

The masters in interdisciplinary studies features:

  • A 36-hour masters in arts program 
  • Individualized curriculum created by the student
  • A faculty advisor from university faculty appropriate to the course of study.
  • Customize your curriculum from any of the 100 courses in these concentration areas: (not all are available on-line)
    • Biomedicine
    • Business administration
    • Church leadership
    • Conflict transformation
    • Counseling
    • Education
    • Health services administration
    • Humanitarian action leadership
    • Nonprofit leadership and social entrepreneurship
    • Nursing leadership
    • Organizational leadership
    • Restorative justice
    • Seminary
  • Finish the degree in as little as 24 months, attending classes part time.

To learn more email or call 540-432-4192.

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