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Campus Life

Here, we care about each student as a whole. You’re more than just a number, choosing to continue your education is about more than books and grades … it’s about life.

As an adult learner who places value in exceptional customer service and establishing relationships with others, EMULancaster staff assists you with the complexities of returning to the classroom. We understand your unique needs as an adult learner and will help you thrive and achieve your goals.


Core Values

Our community’s core values are at the heart of who we are.

Faith and fellowship

Faith is important here. Not our faith, or your faith… just faith. More than 40 other faith traditions are part of the EMU family. We’re all journeying together – though we may take different paths – toward deepening our faith, learning how we might live out that faith day to day, and reaching academic and professional goals. Learn more about Mennonites and EMU!

Service to others

Reaching out to others in need is important. At EMU, you can explore opportunities to participate in community service and maybe even find it life-changing.


Sustainability at EMUEMU was practicing sustainability long before “green” became trendy. Sustainable and simple living is at the core of many Mennonites’ faith, and it’s a strong part of EMU’s Christian community.


Global community

A Christian campus with global perspectiveWe live in an increasingly connected world. Most EMU faculty have lived and worked internationally – and we ask ourselves how our choices affect others across the globe. Life changing cross-cultural encounters help educate EMU grads about today’s world, preparing them to live and lead in a global community. Have you lived overseas as a…third culture or missionary kid?read more



Discover peacebuilding at EMUThe Mennonite community from which EMU grew is known worldwide for bringing people together to solve conflicts with words, rather than weapons. It’s not always easy, but it’s core to who we are. Peace is a regular topic of conversation here, in the classroom and out.

At EMU Lancaster, we offer a certificate in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation in Educational Settings, Read more…

This Summer, STAR: Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience Level 1 workshop will be offered in August…read more


EMU alumna Leymah Gbowee, one of three women jointly awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, is known for her work in organizing a peace movement to end the Second Liberian Civil War. She has become famous across the globe for mobilizing women, and in December 2011 she was asked to lead the peace and reconciliation efforts of her nation. Read more …

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