Third Culture Kids

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Did you grow up as a third culture kid?

Third culture kids are those who spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than his or her own as children. They are children whose parents worked in the mission field, for the government, in international business, for the military, etc.

As adults with this rich cross cultural background, it is important to have an international dimension to our lives.

The challenge

How do adults with cross cultural backgrounds put what they learned and experienced overseas together with life and careers in North America?How do we find direction – a vocational path – and opportunities to mesh faith, academics and the realities of life in other countries? EMU Lancaster provides a place for adults to discern, and find answers. Perhaps most importantly, you find faculty and colleagues who have lived overseas themselves.

At EMU adults with cross cultural backgrounds find

  • Faculty who have lived and served overseas, uniquely equipped to mentor. Many were third culture kids themselves.
  • A cross-cultural curriculum.
  • Classrooms in which various perspectives are encouraged and valued.
  • A diverse student body.

Contact us!

We love to talk with potential students – who have lived overseas. Let us help you find a home for the next stage of your life! Contact or apply to EMU Lancaster.

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