RN to BS in Nursing Options

Hybrid Option

Online learning doesn’t suit everyone. Sometimes, you just want to make a connection with real people, but still need a flexible schedule.

Hybrid means our classes alternate between online and traditional day/evening courses, retaining the best elements of a traditional residential program while offering students increased flexibility to juggle work, family, and school.

Online Option

Maximize flexibility without sacrificing quality or support services.

Online cohorts complete 100% of their coursework virtually, enjoying maximum flexibility while still receiving support from EMU faculty and staff. Course content, program length, and tuition rates are identical to the hybrid option.

Upcoming cohorts:

Pennsylvania Hybrids

  • On-site Meet & Greet: January 4 , 2018 (optional), Online Orientation: Complete by January 8, 2018 Classes start on January 10, 2018EMU at Lancaster – Wednesday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

  • Online Orientation: Complete by August 28, 2018. Classes start on September 5 , 2018EMU at Lancaster – Wednesday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


  • Online orientation: January 8, 2018  Classes start on January 10, 2018 (1 synchronous session from 5-9 pm), Asynchronous classes kick-off January 15, 2018

  • Online orientation: August 28, 2018. Classes start on September 3, 2018 (1 synchronous session from 5-9 pm), Asynchronous classes kick-off September 10, 2018

    Note: Applications recommended by November 1 for Spring semester and by July 1 for Fall semester

RN to BS in Nursing Program Basics…

RN to BS in Nursing classes alternate between online and on-campus sessions and are specifically designed for busy, working adults. The hybrid schedule reduces the number of weeks a student must travel to campus by almost 50%. When you are here, parking is ample, the facilities are inviting, and the faculty are knowledgeable and friendly.

Our 43 credit hour program lasts approximately 20 months, with classes running year-round.

You will be part of a “cohort” of professional RN to BS in nursing students who will travel through the program together from start to finish. This has the added benefit of providing a solid, social support system made up of classmates, faculty, and administration.

To qualify, you must possess an active RN license, a minimum 2.0 GPA, and work experience as an RN.

Tuition rates are affordable ($395 per credit hour) and many financial assistance options are available.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning

EMU’s major in professional nursing leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Nursing and concentrates on nursing theory, evidence-based practice, policy, management, and family and community health issues. We value the many years of nursing experience you bring into the classroom, and this will be the primary driving force behind everything you will learn over the course of our program. Think of it: a cohort of experienced, professional nurses coming together each week for the common purpose of sharing their experiences and furthering their knowledge. No two cohorts are ever the same, but you will undoubtedly benefit from the collective experience of nearly two dozen practicing nurses in conjunction with a passionate and knowledgeable faculty.

Our interdisciplinary program breaks down barriers and takes a systems approach to the problems, principles, and practices of today’s complex healthcare system, incorporating conceptual and theoretical knowledge with an understanding of the complex cultural environment.

The evidence-based practice project addresses a problem you have noticed as you practice nursing. Once you have read and analyzed the research, you develop possible solutions to the problem. This benefits you, your patients, and your institution.

Courses Offered in PA and VA

EMU’s RN to BS in Nursing program is offered online and in a hybrid format on our main campus in Harrisonburg, Virginia and our site in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Harrisonburg offers hybrid evening courses, while the Lancaster, PA. program offers hybrid daytime and evening courses. Online courses meet virtually and share faculty and administration between the Harrisonburg and Lancaster locations.

Contact Us RN to BS offices in Harrisonburg, VA., or Lancaster, PA.

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