Associate in Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry

Those students who wish to earn an Associate in Arts from EMU must complete 64 semester hours of credit. The 30 semester hours from STEP constitute the major in pastoral ministry; 34 consist of general education.

Students must take the following general education requirements for an Associate in Arts degree:

• College Writing 3 SH
• Speech 2 SH
• Cross-Cultural course 3 SH
• Math 3 SH
• Natural Science 3 SH
• Creative Arts 1-3 SH (music, art, theater)
• History or Literature 3 SH
• Foreign Language 3 SH
• Social Science 3 SH (e.g. economics, political science, psychology, sociology)
• Electives 8-10 SH

Important: Students may transfer 32 hours of general education credit to EMU for the Associate in Arts degree; To meet residency requirements, 32 hours must be taken at EMU. Credit will be awarded for appropriate transfer courses in which the student has earned a grade of C- or better. Students may also use the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests to acquire general education credits in consultation with the STEPDirector and EMU Registrar. There is not a limit on the number of CLEP credits students may apply toward the Associate in Arts degree, except that the student must meet the requirement of taking at least 32 hours at EMU, which is 2 more than the hours awarded for STEP. In addition, the student must take an advanced writing course or complete a course which satisfies the writing intensive requirement. This requirement specifies that the student prepares a paper that meets the following criteria:
• Written at the highest cognitive levels (i.e. analysis, synthesis and evaluation)
• At least 12-15 pages in length
• Submitted in increments on multiple occasions for feedback from the instructor of the course

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