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The minor in TESOL prepares students to teach English to speakers of other languages. TESOLminors study the nuts and bolts of language, learn how languages are acquired and taught, and obtain practical experience working with English language learners.

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Prepare to teach English in other countries or in non-formal programs in the U.S.

TESOL is a minor that any students with adventurous spirits can easily add to their major. College graduates who have studied TESOL scatter across the globe working with schools, churches, language institutes, universities, churches and mission agencies. Social workers and others who seek justice for immigrants put valuable TESOL skills to use in adult education classes in the United States.

Be licensed to teach in a U.S. K-12 school

Those who complete requirements for teaching elementary or secondary school in addition to completing requirements for the TESOL minor can become licensed ESL specialists or classroom teachers with an ESLendorsement. To complete a TESOL minor, English education majors and Spanish education majors need only 3 additional courses. Teachers in our public schools can expect to find English language learners in all classes at various stages of language development.

Learn more about the academic requirements for a teaching endorsement in ESL

Future teachers of history, social studies, art, science, math, and other subjects can also enhance their job possibilities by adding an endorsement in ESL. The minor in TESOL also better equips future elementary school teachers who have good proficiency in another language to teach in a dual language immersion program.

Other careers in TESOL

For many, the most enriching part of the TESOL profession is the relationships that develop with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Those who thrive on such relationships may later seek a master’s degree in TESOL to teach in a university ESL program in the US or elsewhere in the world. EMU’s Intensive English Program gives TESOL minors opportunities to complete a teaching practicum with some of the many international students who come to EMU.

Experience in TESOL may also lead graduates to seek advanced degrees in applied linguistics, anthropology, Bible translation, or studies in the language and culture of a particular region of the world.