About Our MA in Biomedicine Program

Our MA in Biomedicine program, approved by Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), uniquely challenges students to take courses broadly from several disciplines. Some of the transdisciplinary aspects are evident in a required cross-cultural component, diverse seminars, social science and bioethics courses, and finally in a thesis project. A masters degree can be earned after 48 SH of course work (two full years of study) or a certificate with 28 SH of study (one full year of study).

Program concentrations:

Pillars of EMU's MA in Biomedicine

Who are our students?

Our student body is diverse and come from both large and small undergraduate institutions. Most of our students, but not all, come with degrees in the sciences. Their varied backgrounds include an assortment of religious affiliations and experiences. While at EMU, they enjoy a student community which fosters academic success and extends beyond EMU. Working side-by-side to become future doctors, dentists, physician assistants, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers or educators, our students leave EMU not only having experienced academic growth, but also personal growth.

Track record of success

Our students often experience growth both academically and personally. Most students significantly increase their GPA while solidifying their foundational science knowledge, which allows them to increase their test scores for professional programs. As a result of the MA in Biomedicine program, students have been accepted into medical school, physician’s assistant, dental, and physical therapy programs.

Our coursework is integrated with MCAT preparation, counseling, academic & career advising, and health science practicum experiences, giving you a number of advantages upon graduation.

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