MA in Biomedical Science

Students who are service-oriented, compassionate, interested in health and human biology issues, and are academically competent can enter medical schools and become skilled health care professionals if they complete appropriate pre-requisite courses during their undergraduate years in college. Some students, who graduate with baccalaureate degrees in liberal arts, humanities, business, social work, etc., later decide that they would like to go to medical school but lack the prerequisite coursework. Our postbaccalaureate biomedical program is designed to help those students realize their dream.

Currently, there is a shortage of health care professionals in most areas and during the next decade, the U.S. Department of Labor projects a growth of more than 25% in the health care industry (including family care physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, etc), meaning more new jobs than any other industry.

Course Schedule (48 hours for MA)

Biomedical core courses (30 semester hours)
Required a minimum of 18 SH including:
Human Physiology (4SH)
One natural science elective with lab (3SH)
Cognitive Psychology (3 SH)
Electives (5-8 SH)

*Biomedicine Elective Courses *
Offered with adequate enrollment

BMS 525 Medical Terminology (2)
BMS 531 Environmental Chemistry (4)
BMS 540 Drugs: Discovery, Design, and Action (3)
BMS 551 Conservation Biology (3)
BMS 552 Environmental Toxicology (3)
BMS 553 Sustainable Agriculture (4)
BMS 554 Natural History of the Shenandoah Valley (4)
BMS 555 Plant Ecophysiology (3)
BMS 556 Entomology (3)
BMS 557 Ecology & Field Biology (4)
BMS 561 Immunology (3)
BMS 562 Neurobiology (3)
BMS 570 Medical Microbiology (3)
BMS 571 Abnormal Psychology (3)
BMS 572 Cognitive Psychology (3)
BMS 573 Theories of Personality (3)
BMS 574 Neuropsychology (3)
BMS 581 Analytical Chemistry (4)
BMS 582 Thermodynamics (3)
BMS 583 Quantum Mechanics (3)
BMS 680 Academic and Professional Writing (2)

Additional graduate level courses in education, business, counseling, Center for Justice and Peacebuidling, or seminary may be selected as electives.

Prerequisite Courses

Undergraduate science course program requirements (or equivalents)

For full admission to graduate status, students must have completed (35 SH):

Two general biology courses with laboratories (8 SH)
Two general chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
Two organic chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
Two general physics courses with laboratories (8 SH)
One mathematics course (Calculus) (3 SH)


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