Server Architecture

Before the CMS, all web pages were kept as files on the server. Many pages are now in the CMS, but some web pages and other kinds of files remain on the server. Thus, the server has layers of resources to fulfill requests.

Layers of web server resources

Layers of web server resources

  1. On, if the requested page exists in the filesystem, the server delivers it.
  2. If the requested page doesn’t exist in the filesystem, the request is passed to the CMS and it serves the published page.
  3. If the CMS doesn’t have the page either, it serves the “File Not Found” page.

The special hostnames and go straight to the CMS, bypassing the filesystem.

  1. Whereas going to served the about.html file (1), requesting passes over the file and returns the published About page from the CMS.
  2. Similarly, a request for the About page from goes straight to the CMS, except the CMS serves the draft About page if a draft exists.
  3. If there is no draft of the page, dev mode serves the published (live) version.

The cms and devcms URLs are for editing and testing your pages only. You may email links to others for proof-reading, but please do not use them in links on the web.

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