Snippets are reusable bits of content like page parts and are mainly used for structural parts of the site; but instead of being part of a particular page, they’re available to the whole website. For this reason: Please DO NOT use, create, or modify snippets without the express permission of the marketing department.

If you have content you want to use several places in your section of the site, you have two options:

  1. Make a unique page part on the highest common page. Then use <r:content part="my part name" inherit="true" /> to insert that part in the page. The inherit="true" attribute tells the CMS that if the current page doesn’t have a part by that name, it should look for the part on its parent, grandparent, etc.
  2. Use <r:content part="my part name" /> inside <r:find url="/page/to/find/"> tags. The find tags change the context inside them to the page that has the part. Use this form when pages aren’t in the same section.

For more on these tags, click the “Available Tags” reference link when editing a page.

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