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Mathematical Sciences Department

Pre-Engineering Program

Engineering involves problem-solving at the practical, experimental and theoretical levels. There are many fields in engineering: electrical, mechanical, industrial, environmental, architectural … the list goes on. You will need to transfer from EMU to a school offering a full engineering program to pick up specialty courses.

What EMU offers is a one- or two-year pre-engineering curriculum. All engineering schools require a year of physics, three or four courses in calculus, some courses in computer science and a basic writing course.EMU also offers three introductory courses that are specifically related to engineering: Engineering Statics, Engineering Dynamics, and Electronics. With this course offering, you can get a general feel for what the field of engineering is all about while you’re at EMU.

Why attend EMU before transferring to an engineering school?

  • You get the advantage of small, high quality classes in physics, mathematics, computer science and introductory engineering. Concerned personal attention is a great way to start your career.
  • You have the opportunity to take Bible and liberal arts classes. You may wish to participate in EMU’s cross-cultural opportunities. (If so, the spring semester of the second year often works well.) These courses provide valuable experiences that you can’t get at many engineering schools. The credits from such courses generally transfer as electives.
  • There is a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to you at EMU, including music groups, theater and varsity or intramural sports.

Suggested Curriculum

First Year
WRIT 130 College Writing for Transitions 4 WRIT 150 Speech: Exploring Voice in Vocation 2
MATH 181 Differential Calculus 3 MATH 192 Integral Calculus 3
PHYS 251 University Physics I 4 PHYS 262 University Physics II 4
CS 120 Intro to Programming: VB 3 CS 220 Intermediate Programming: Java 3
  Elective 3 *ENGR 270/280 Engineering Statics/Dynamics 3
  Total Hours 17   Total Hours 15
Second Year
MATH 170 Discrete Math 3 *ENGR 270/280 Engineering Static/Dynamics 3
MATH 283 Intermediate Calculus 3 MATH 294 Multivariate Calculus 3
CHEM 223 General Chemistry I 4 CHEM 224 General Chemistry II 4
*PHYS 160 Electronics OR   *MATH 380 Applied Mathematics OR  
*MATH 350 Linear Algebra 3   Elective 3
  Elective 3   Elective 3
  Total Hours 16   Total Hours 16

 * Indicates alternate year course.


Here are some additional points to note:

  1. If you spend two years at EMU, it will probably take at least two and a half additional years at an engineering school to finish a bachelor’s degree.
  2. The curriculum is not rigid, but is rather a suggested program of study. You and your advisor can tailor the program to meet individual needs. Check the catalog and try to visit the engineering school to which you would like to transfer.
  3. EMU has a good reputation at most large engineering schools. There have been no problems with transfer of credits for students who maintain a B average or better.