Courses and Curriculum

The programs of EMU’s music department are widely known and well respected. Music majors complete a common core of courses in music that include theory, history, conducting, performance, and elements of aesthetics, analysis, and writing about music. Students also choose a concentration in music education, performance, church music or interdiscplinary studies.

Our exciting new concentration in interdisciplary studies is perfect for students with imagination and desire to integrate their music with another career path. In addition to a core set of music classes, each student in the interdisciplinary studies concentration takes courses in a discipline outside of music that interests them. The possibilities are many!

Some majors require student internships. Internships are provided through churches and community organizations. Students gain various experiences in a wide range of music related fields according to their areas of interest.

Majors, Minors, Concentrations and Teaching Endorsements


  • Music


  • Music Performance
  • Music Education (PreK-12)
  • Church Music
  • Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Music
  • Church Music

Teaching endorsements

  • Instrumental, Grades PreK-12
  • Vocal/Choral, Grades PreK-12
  • Instrumental and Vocal/Choral, Grades PreK-12

Course catalog (PDF)