ADCP Harrisonburg, MOD


Tammy Kiser
Assistant Professor/ADCP

Tammy has many years experience in Community Health Nursing roles. In addition, she serves in a number of volunteer roles in the community setting, including working as a Faith Community Nurse. Working with vulnerable populations, including the area homeless through the Healthcare for the Homeless Suitcase Clinic is also a major area of interest. Currently, Tammy is pursuing a DNP in Public Health Nursing Administration from the University of South Alabama.


Adjunct Faculty


Sue Cockley

Sue has worked at EMU as the director of the Adult Degree Completion Program since 1996. She previously worked for the Virginia State Department of Education as an Adult Education Specialist, and director of the Adult Educator’s Research Network. Her academic background covers elementary education, adult education, and social foundations of education.

Rhoda La Prevotte
Administrative Assistant
Margo McIntire
Academic Advisor
Travis Pettit
Program Representative
Anita Weaver
Office Coordinator
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