Jim Bomberger

Jim Bomberger


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Dr. Bomberger came to EMU from the faculty of Lancaster Mennonite High School. He taught a variety of courses in the language and literature department at EMU, including grammar, composition and American literature. He was active in the cross-cultural program, helping establish links in China and Japan, including a sister-college relationship at the northern tip of Japan. During one of his sabbatical leaves, Bomberger was a Fulbright scholar in Liberia.

In retirement, Bomberger taught part time at EMU for awhile. Then he took a part-time position at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community as a resident services administrator. In recent years he has taken up painting, especially watercolors.


B.A., Eastern Mennonite University
M.S. in Ed., Temple University
Ed.D., Columbia University

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