Parking Lots and Map

Need to park on campus? Download the 2015 map (PDF).

Resident Students parking restrictions

Resident Blue Parking Permits may be in any parking lot that has the blue “R” designation

Resident students are restricted to parking in the resident or unrestricted parking lots, listed below:

  • “The Woods” dorm lot – southeast of Cedarwood
  • Northlawn lot – west of Northlawn
  • Hillside Suites lot – north and east of Hillside
  • Parkwood lots – west and northeast of Parkwood
  • University Commons “east” lot
  • Any unrestricted lot

Commuter students and faculty/staff parking restrictions

Commuter Red Parking Permits may be in any parking lot that has the red “C” designation

Faculty Staff Black Parking Permits may be in any parking lot that has the black “F/S” designation

Commuter students and faculty and staff are prohibited from parking in resident parking lots. Parking is permitted in the following lots:

  • Lot south of Campus Center
  • Library parking lot
  • Seminary lot
  • West of Campus Center to fire lane
  • University Commons south and east lots
  • Martin Store lot
  • Modular Units lot
  • Any unrestricted lot*

Unrestricted parking lots

Persons may park in these lots that have the: Blue “R”, Red “C”, Black “F/S” or Gold Temporary Parking permits

Unrestricted parking lots allow any paid parking permits or temporary parking permits.

  • Mt. Clinton lot
  • Turf Field lot
  • Smith Street west of Northlawn and Roselawn
  • Baseball field lot
  • University Commons north and west lots
  • Discipleship Center lot

Faculty/staff restricted parking lots

Black Faculty/Staff “F/S” permits may be in these lots

  • Science Center lot
  • Physical Plant lot
  • Roselawn Academic lot – south of Roselawn

Faculty/staff fee-free parking permit

Green “F/S” permits may ONLY park in the University Commons ~ see the note below

  • University Commons north parking lot, North of the green line — the three North most rows next to Dogwood Drive ONLY

Additional restrictions

There shall be no parking at any time by unauthorized persons:

  • in handicap areas
  • in parking spots or parking lots reserved for individuals or departments
  • in the service areas of all buildings
  • in areas marked with “no parking” signs or equivalent pavement markings
  • within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • in areas blocking fire escapes
  • in areas that would block driveways, alleys, sidewalks, or would impede the normal flow of traffic on campus
  • on sidewalks
  • on the grass
  • in truck unloading zones north of the Dining Hall and Royals Den, and north of the Campus Center
  • designated visitor areas

Parking in undesignated or unrestricted areas does not excuse one from obtaining a registration decal. All vehicles on campus must be registered.