Parking Lots and Map

Need to park on campus? Download the 2015 map (PDF).

Resident Students

Residents with a blue parking permit may only park in a parking lot that has the blue “R” designation:

  • “The Woods” dorm lot – southeast of Cedarwood
  • Northlawn lot – west of Northlawn
  • Hillside Suites lot – north and east of Hillside
  • Parkwood lots – west and northeast of Parkwood
  • University Commons “east” lot
  • Any unrestricted lot

Commuter Students, Faculty and Staff

Commuters with a red parking permit may only park in a parking lot that has the red “C” designation. Faculty and staff with a black parking permit only park in a parking lot that has the black “F/S” designation.

Parking is permitted in the following lots:

  • Lot south of Campus Center
  • Library parking lot
  • Seminary lot
  • West of Campus Center to fire lane
  • University Commons south and east lots
  • Martin Store lot
  • Modular Units lot
  • Any unrestricted lot

Unrestricted parking lots

Anyone who has a blue “R”, red “C”, black “F/S” or gold temporary parking permit may park in these unrestricted parking lots:

  • Mt. Clinton lot
  • Turf Field lot
  • Smith Street west of Northlawn and Roselawn
  • Baseball field lot
  • University Commons north and west lots
  • Discipleship Center lot

Restricted parking lots for Faculty/Staff

These lots are restricted to faculty and staff only:

  • Science Center lot
  • Physical Plant lot
  • Roselawn Academic lot – south of Roselawn

Faculty/Staff free parking permit

Faculty and staff with a green “F/S” permit may ONLY park in the University Commons north parking lot (north of the green line — the three north rows next to Dogwood Drive).

Additional restrictions

These parking areas are available only to authorized persons:

  • handicapped parking spaces
  • parking spots or parking lots reserved for individuals or departments
  • service areas of all buildings
  • areas marked with “no parking” signs or equivalent pavement markings
  • within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • areas blocking fire escapes
  • areas that would block driveways, alleys, sidewalks, or would impede the normal flow of traffic on campus
  • sidewalks
  • the grass
  • truck unloading zones north of the Dining Hall and Royals Den and north of the Campus Center
  • designated visitor areas

Parking in undesignated or unrestricted areas does not excuse one from obtaining a registration decal. All vehicles on campus must be registered.