EMU Alcohol and Illegal Drug Policy

respecting the values of others and the goals of Eastern Mennonite University, I recognize my responsibility as a member of the EMU community to refrain from “the use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco.” from the Community Lifestyle Commitment, signed by each employee and each student prior to admission.

Eastern Mennonite University supports non-use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs as the most appropriate and responsible lifestyle choice. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited from the EMU campus as well as all university-related functions.

The University believes that the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs is counterproductive to the educational process and contributes behaviors which are offensive and disruptive to the campus community. Not only is the use of alcohol illegal for minors, alcohol by its nature creates unhealthy dependencies, generates behavior offensive to others, wastes money and takes lives. Because of the significant personal and societal dangers associated with alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, the University chooses to take a strong stance against their use. For these reasons, EMU supports non-use as the most appropriate and responsible lifestyle choice.

Persons who use, obtain for others to use, or distribute alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs on campus will be disciplined in accordance with the University policy. Persons who misuse alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs off-campus will also be in violation of the policy and dealt with by the appropriate disciplinary body when reported to University officials. Misuse is defined as intoxication, illegal use (e.g., underage drinking and contributing to the delinquency of a minor), rowdiness, and damage or destruction to property.

EMU complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 and supports local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs. The University fully cooperates with local authorities in dealing with alcohol and illegal drug issues.

Note: For persons who have a drug- or alcohol-related problem that may be alleviated through counseling and intervention, the University will deal with persons through the counseling process rather than through the disciplinary process if the person voluntarily requests assistance.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling and Education

Students and employees with drug or alcohol-related problems are encouraged to seek confidential counseling and referral services through the EMU Counseling Center . The university sponsors a drug and alcohol awareness event every year to raise awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol use.