Sexual Assault Policy, Overview

EMU’s annual orientation of students includes sessions on the prevention of sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse, and safety precautions. In addition, the residence hall staff receive special training in sexual assault awareness, and they provide ongoing education and support for students in the residence halls. To assist in this effort, the University provides recommendations in the student handbook on crime prevention, including suggestions of behaviors which may reduce risk of sexual assault. The Social Work is People (SWIP) group annually organizes the “Take Back the Night” program for the entire campus.

Students are advised of the availability of counseling (both on and off campus) and other victim services, including the Collins Center (540-434-2722), as well as the importance of preserving the evidence of a criminal action. Students are also advised of their option to report an assault to the police and that university officials will assist in that notification.

  • The university will make reasonable efforts to change an alleged victims academic and living situation and provide these options after an alleged sexual offense.
  • The alleged victim and alleged perpetrator are entitled to have others present during any disciplinary proceeding.
  • Both the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator must be informed of the outcome of any university disciplinary proceeding regarding an alleged sex offense. For purposes of this section, the outcome of a disciplinary proceeding regarding rape, acquaintance rape, or any other forcible or nonforcible offense, are detailed in the EMU Sexual Assault Policy, which is available through the student life office.