Suter Science Center

For more than 40 years, Suter Science Center has been home to EMU’s science program.

Outstanding faculty, like Dr. Daniel Suter, have prepared hundreds of students to excel in the professional health sciences, math and physical sciences, environmental sciences, and in science education.

A new generation of science students

Since 2007, alumni, donors, and foundations have contributed to EMU’s Science Campaign, an effort to provide upgraded facilities for EMU’s one-of-a-kind science programs.

Our approach: combine high-tech, hands-on learning in a liberal arts environment with Mennonite values of sustainability, social justice, and service. The result: ethical, well-trained, globally-minded graduates who make a real difference in their respective fields.

We are immensely grateful for the significant support of alumni and friends who share the vision for taking EMU’s exemplary science program to a new and exciting level. We’ve adapted our original vision to correlate more closely to a funding plan that can be realized in the near term.

Learn more about the Suter Science Campaign and the Suter renovation, which began in spring 2014!